This course can be submitted to credit your professional development points with various organisations
- including ASCA, ESSA and the APA.

Taught by leading expert, Dr Nicholas Rolnick

This engaging and easy-to-follow course will provide health and performance professionals with the tools and scientific knowledge required to safely prescribe BFR training. The video below provides a brief overview of what you'll learn:


Why BFR Training?

Help clients move better

Help clients move better

When combined with accurate assessments and appropriate training programs, BFR can help your clients, whether healthy or load-compromised, safely increase muscle strength and balance.

Help clients move better

Train clients remotely

BFR makes it easy for patients to train remotely and still build strength, without requiring heavy weights or any equipment- perfect for at-home prescription.

Help clients move better

Reach a wider group of clients

Become a BFR specialist and widen your service offering to a whole new type of clientele, from injured or post-operative to athletic populations.

Help clients move better

Safely program and streamline rehabilitation

An effective method to help clients build strength and safely return from injury. BEF is an ideal training methodology to implement with post-operative patients.

Help clients move better

Expand your expertise

Continue to develop your own practical skills, while also earning Continuing Education Unites (CEUs) to help with your recertification process.

Help clients move better

Maintain existing clients

Augment training programs for your existing clients with BEF, helping them to achieve their results faster.


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